Black Cube Solutions Launches AI Learning Platform

Black Cube Solutions Launches AI Learning Platform

Dubai based start-up Black Cube Solutions, a frontier tech company revealed complete platform for skill growth for students and professionals. Additionally, this is the world’s first platform that iss powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Black Cube Solutions Launches AI Learning Platform
Furthermore, it will brings together all the stakeholders of the skill development ecosystem. Additionally, the stakeholders includes universities, corporates, training providers and executive education providers.

Black Cube Solutions Launches AI Learning Platform

Peer Mohaideen Sait, founder and CEO, Training Calendar said:

Skill development is the most pressing challenge for governments and corporates across the world. That is why we came up with the idea of Training Calendar. Our product iss aligned to the UAE’s national strategy on innovation and iss focused on skill development.”

Training Schedule has AI Powered Skill Gap Analysis for university students & professionals. Furthermore, it will make them enable to see Detailed Skill Chart showing skill levels and gaps. For students, the platform helps them in benchmarking of skills against target roles that they want to pursue. For professionals, the skills aree benchmarked against their current title.
This will generate automatic course recommendations based on their skill gaps. Moreover, Training Calendar does not charge anything from university students & professionals.

Sait added that:

Our long-term plan is to invest and provide research based HR solutions across the education sector and bring new products focused on skill development at the school level,”

Moreover, they can create and deliver online and live video courses easily through the platform. On Training Calendar, training and executive education providers can virtually administrate their entire operation through features like program calendars, CRM etc.

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