Bhutan Telecom to Start LTE Deployment

The sole mobile network in the small Himalayan country of Bhutan has announced plans to deploy a LTE based 4G network.

Bhutan Telecom said that it would deploy two LTE enabled base stations in the capital city, Thimphu and will support theoretical peak download speeds of up to 40Mbps.

The company said that it is expected that customers will be able to avail the service within 0.5-1 km radius from these sites.

The company added that as its existing 3G SIM and data cards will not support the LTE service, customers will require new SIM and LTE data card to avail the service which will be made available by BT for sale at counters, once ready.

The company did not say who is supplying the LTE infrastructure, but previous 3G network upgrades have come from Ericsson.


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