Why Quality Assurance is Important in Software Development?

Why Quality Assurance is Important in Software Development?

In software development, a small mistake or oversight can prove to be very costly. But being a human, there are chances that we can make mistakes while in a process of developing any software. Due to human error, there can be flaws in a design of software product and code but when these mistakes go unidentified they compromise the software quality and result in undesirable and expensive consequences. This is what makes “software quality” so important.

For readers’ information, QA includes creating processes for each stage of development in order to reduce flaws and bugs during the build, along with measuring the quality of the software. The QA team of any company is responsible for reducing the probability of bugs that occurs during development via carefully thought out processes. The team is also responsible to identify any errors during the development of software. We can’t ignore the importance of QA while creating bugs free superior products. Quality Assurance really matters for software providers, product owners and users.

Below are some reasons that why Quality Assurance is important?

QA Saves Time & Money:

If you want to save time and money then consistent software quality assurance is very important. If bugs and defects are found in the early stages of development, then you will have to spend less money and time to fix them. Otherwise, it will  be expensive if mistakes and bugs go unidentified till the later stages.

A well-thought-out quality assurance ensures no mistakes are carried forward to the final stages which in a result prevent any major loss for the software development company as well as the client.

QA Ensures Security:

When it comes to software development, we can not ignore the security for software products. QA uncovers vulnerabilities in a software’s security as well as it helps to build a product which is fully secured and trustworthy.

QA Meets Clients’ Demands and Expectations:

QA ensures that the end product result is meeting requirements of the business and user. Moreover, it also ensures the user’s reliability of the application and satisfaction. In simple words, we can say that QA is a secret key to draw development of the business.

QA Provides Stable Product:

The process of QA verifies that the system meets the various requirements that include functional, performance, reliability, security, usability and so on. There are different devices, browsers, and environments and the product that should work without any bug or lag.

The matter of the fact is that Quality assurance identifies errors and flaws in the software code and design throughout the development process which in return prevent the loss of time and money.

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