Beeline Uzbekistan Launches a New Communication Channel

Beeline (Unitel LLC and JV Buzton) has launched a new communication channel between customers and the company’s management.

From 6 May 2014, the subscribers can send their feedback about the activities of Beeline and their wishes to the email, getting answers directly from the CEO.

“The sartorial statement of Beeline has always been our openness and transparency of business processes.” — says Unitel CEO Alexander Vorobyov.

The new mailbox is by no means to replace our call-center, corporate site or community in social networking. But often the subscribers have questions of a general nature: they are interested in the company’s plans, the development and prospects of expanding the network. At long last for many of them it is important just to be heard not only by the operator 0611, told what they actually care about personally to the head of “Beeline”. For my part, I promise to pay maximum attention to the letters of customers”.

Email operates on a permanent basis, the company guarantees the confidentiality of correspondence.

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