Beeline Offers Internet on “Mini-Prices”

Largest communication operator Beeline (Unitel LLC and Buzton JV) launched new service for mobile internet users.

Now the subscribers of the company can purchase mini-packages with the volume of 5, 10 and 20 megabyte.

Oraz Abdurazakov, head of the communications service of Unitel, said that the users can communicate with their friends, download music or watch video on mini prices. He added that the users should select the traffic volume and connect to the service. The service can be used within three days after activation.

The mini-packages can be activated with USSD-codes:

• Mini package 5 MB for $0.15 – *110*0*10#
• Mini package 10 MB for $0.25 – *110*0*11#
• Mini package 20 MB for $0.40 – *110*0*12#

The subscribers can use code *103# to control balance of the traffic. The service can be used till 16 September 2013.

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