Beeline Needs To Expand Its Numbers Capacity

Beeline(Unitel) needs to expand its number capacity for further work, the commercial director of Unitel Dmitry Grigoriev said last week, answering to question of journalists on number limits, which were reported by foreign media quoting the state bodies.

Dmitry Grigoriev said that the utilization of number capacities of operator reached 90%. He said that in some regions of Uzbekistan this figure reached 99% and some dealers have to refuse to request of the subscriber to subscribe them. The commercial director of Unitel said that the company has not received new number capacities within a year. He added that this hinders to development of services.

Director-General of Unitel LLC Andrei Safronyuk, answering to question, affirmed that the operator could not commission 500 new basic stations as it has no permission from regulators for their commercial use.

At the same time, he said that the Center for Electromagnetic Compliance handed over so called temporary permissions, which will allow testing constructed and assembled equipment and expressed hope that the process of legalization will move forward.

Source: Uzdaily

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