Beeline Launches Mega Campaign with Car and Money Prizes

Beeline (Unitel LLC and Buzton JV) launched mega campaign to mark the seventh anniversary of the company.

The campaign will last till 27 December 2013 and the subscribers can win 1 million soums each day and one of 13 cars of Chevrolet Spark model.

Dmitry Grigorev, commercial director of Unitel, said that each subscriber have equal chance to win in the campaign. He said that 13 cars will be played within the campaign, which is equal to number of the regions of Uzbekistan.

The operator said that active subscribers can participate in draw of prizes and money. They need to spend US$2 per week to participate in the draw. Subscribers of Status tariff plans will automatically participate in the campaign.

The subscribers can win money prizes each week starting from 15 November 2013. The draw ceremony will be held on online regime at FM 101 O’zbegim Taronasi. The subscribers, who spent US$2 in previous week, will participate in the draw.

The draw of the 13 cars will be held on 27 December among all subscribers, who participated in previous stages of the campaign and are in active mode.

Source: uzdaily

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