Beeline Complies With International Standards ISO 9001:2008

Beeline Uzbekistan has once again confirmed the compliance of the corporate operations with international standards ISO 9001:2008.

Recertification audit of the company was held in April 2014 by the international certification body Russkiy Registr – Srednaya Azia.

Director of Russkiy Registr – Srednaya Azia LLC Andrew Kim said:

Our audit confirmed that the processes adopted and implemented in Unitel and all company’s work altogether comply with advanced world standards. I am confident that the company repeatedly confirmed compliance with ISO 9001:2008 has every opportunity to further strengthen leadership, successfully promoting technological innovation in Uzbekistan”.

Unitel LLC were issued three certificates of conformity to quality management standards (QMS):

Certificate with international accreditation, Certificate with the national accreditation and Certificate of a single international standard IQNet that allows in case of need without additional checks to issue for Unitel any certificate from more than 50 countries that are members of the International Association of certification bodies IQNet.

“Today’s event — is one more sign of confidence in the brand and its quality management system, — says Chief Communications Officer in Unitel Oraz Abdurazakov.

Beeline strategic priority remains the development of telecommunications services and maintenance service for our customers, and to do this we need streamlined and effective mechanisms of management within the company”.

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