Batelco to Expand 4G+ coverage in Bahrain

Batelco to Expand 4G+ coverage in Bahrain

Batelco Bahrain started to increase its 4G+ network coverage nationally. By starting 4G+ services, Batelco becomes the first telecom in Bahrain to provide the superfast data speeds.Batelco to Expand 4G+ coverage in Bahrain

According to Batelco Bahrain CEO Muna Al Hashemi, the 4G+ network service demand is increasing from customers because of superfast mobile data.

She further added

We are very pleased with the success of the rollout with the number of locations covered growing continuously. The technology equates to better coverage, greater stability and faster performance. Our 4G+ service provides the ultimate mobile experience with amazing download speeds that is significantly boosting customer experience,

Batelco to Expand 4G+ coverage in Bahrain

In partnership with Ericsson, Batelco recently showed the first-ever 5G trial in Bahrain at Batelco’s Headquarters.

Batelco CMO Mike Stanford said:

The 4G+ network also serves to enhance Bahrain’s global position in terms of providing advanced telecommunications services for consumers and businesses. Our provisioning is the result of our ongoing commitment and investment in the Kingdom’s infrastructure,

According to Batelco CEO, Batelco will work hard to make its base strong. She further added that they will also develop the communication familiarity for its customers.

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