Batelco Now Shares Digital Transformation Experiences at Forum

Batelco Now Shares Digital Transformation Experiences at Forum

Bahrain’s leading telecom service operator now shared its experience in conducting digital transformation exercises throughout its operating footprint in 14 locations throughout the world at a conference in Dubai, UAE. Batelco Now Shares Digital Transformation Experiences at Forum.

According to the Batelco’s chief digital officer Karan Ponnudurai presented the message as part of his keynote address at the recent TM-Forum Digital Transformation Middle East Conference in Dubai, UAE. The company is implementing a digitisation strategy across its network of companies with a view to ensure that its customers have access to the latest communications solutions.

Batelco Now Shares Digital Transformation Experiences at Forum

Ponnudurai Said :

While many organisations have realised the need for transformation in view of the changes in the industry, very few have in place a comprehensive strategy that has reached the next level.

Further that we are also fortunate to have started this journey a while back and have uncovered much learning along the way. The forum is a widely recognised leader in addressing this particular issue and Batelco is honoured to be asked to share its experience.

He added that :

We have developed a good sense of pace and execution rhythm as well as our own ’vernacular’ in digital transformation. Being able to share and discuss these experiences with our peers is important so that the wider ecosystem develops in tandem.

Although the conference that explores the complexities of the digital transformation journey in the region, taking an in depth look into strategy and business model changes, cultural and organisational challenges. The technology under pinning the transformation and ways to monetize this new reality.

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