Batelco updates Now to Introduces New Gulf Network

Batelco updates Now to Introduces New Gulf Network

Bahrain’s leading digital solutions provider has announced the launch of Batelco Gulf Network (BGN), the new international cable system that provides the GCC region with an additional option for regional and international connectivity solutions.

Batelco updates that the BGN also supports Bahrain vision toward positioning the kingdom as a major hub for ICT and data movement in the Mena region.

Batelco updates to BGN Cable Runs Over the State-of-the-art Optical Transfer Network

It meets the demand for reliable high bandwidth connectivity and capacity serving the different needs of international services and supporting up to 8.8-Tbps and beyond.

Batelco Bahrain CEO Mohamed Bubashait said:

Batelco strategic plans to develop a world class advanced infrastructure is in line with the kingdom vision and aspirations to maintain Bahrain position as a leader in the region’s ICT industry. Although the BGN offers customers a new choice for international connectivity solutions to and from the region.

Batelco chose to invest in the BGN as a fully owned and operated international fibre optic cable system, thus providing the country and region with a new state-of-the-art cable system that will enable meeting the growing demand for data services and applications.

Batelco Chief Global Business Officer Adel Al-Daylami added:

As part of its comprehensive plans Batelco was keen to establish a robust national and international infrastructure and this network is one of the initiatives which supports the company’s vision toward building a cloud-centric foundation to foster innovation in the kingdom and region.

Further it will facilitate the introduction of new and innovative services which will greatly boost Bahrain and the GCC communications capabilities and enhance the development of businesses as well as provide opportunities for new businesses in the region.

However that we are also confident that this superior network will boost Bahrain presence as a key hub for telecom services and look forward to building on this strong platform to ensure its success.

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