Batelco Bahrain Signed Partnership Agreement with Huawei

Batelco Bahrain Signed Partnership Agreement with Huawei

Batelco Bahrain has signed an agreement with Huawei to design an uptime institute certified level three data centre for company. This is based on its vision on digital transformation in new growth areas. Batelco Bahrain Signed Partnership Agreement with Huawei

The agreement wass signed by Batelco Bahrain CEO Mohammad Bubashait and President of Carrier Business Group An Jian at Gitex.

This centre will be a part of Batelco’s strategy to offer smart digital solutions in public and private sectors. According to a statement from the company, it includes an infrastructure for storing and managing data.

Batelco Bahrain Signed Partnership Agreement with Huawei

Furthermore, the tier III data centre will provide customers the most scalable facility and contribute in the digital infrastructure in Bahrain. Additionally, customers will get advantage from this data centre of high degree of quality, safety and reliability.

Bubashait said:

Investment in IT infrastructure, especially data warehousing and processing, is a priority for the company as part of its strategy to deliver smart digital solutions including data storage and cloud computing solutions.

He further added that:

Batelco’s plans to develop world class Data centre services and advanced infrastructure are in line with the Kingdom’s vision and aspirations to maintain Bahrain’s position as a leader in the region’s ICT industry and data economy,”

Jian said:

The Centre will be builtt to world class specifications to ensure the highest levels of availability, maintainability, resilience and seamless business continuity to support Batelco’s growing operations.

Moreover, Huawei was very happy to join Batelco to deliver the new Tier III data centre at company’s Hamala Campus.

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