Teletalk Launches Bangladesh’s First 3G Network

Teletalk Bangladesh has launched the country’s first 3G network, in advance of the 3G license auction for the private mobile networks. The network was supposed to have been launched last month though.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the service in the Capital City by making a video call to the President.

The network coverage is currently limited to the Capital city, with around 200 base stations having been upgraded to support 3G services.

As with many state-owned telcos in competitive markets, Teletalk’s market share is tiny. The company is estimated to have around 1.35 million customers, in a market with 90 million mobile phone subscriptions.

In the era of faster internet access, the mobile network’s own website is still woefully out of date – the only mention of 3G services refers to a press release issued in December 2010.

The other mobile networks will be able to bid for 3G licenses at some point in the near future, and Teletalk will be obliged to match the prices paid in the auction.

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