Bakcell: Let Those Who Call You Listen To Your Music!

Bakcell now offers Melomania, let people who call you listen to your music by setting various melodies for different person who call you.

Buy 1 Melomania from Bakcell and get 1 for FREE!

To get Melomania ring tone call 606 , choose melody that you like, then dial *606* enter the code of Melomania #call .

Terms and Conditions

• 1 Melomania tune is 1 AZN (VAT inclusive).
• You can use free Melomania for 30 days. After expiration in order to continue benefit from the service you will be charged for 1 AZN.
• After expiration of 30 days Melomania service will be renewed, and in order to continue use this service you should have quite enough funds on your balance.
• To obtain any information regarding Melomania service you can call 606 short number, dial *606*, call on your phone or visit website.

From now on everybody will be Melomania lover!


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