Bakcell Launches Mobile Signature Service

Bakcell has announced the launch of mobile signature service (Asan imza) in collaboration with the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Best Solutions. Now Bakcell customers can confirm their identity, access e-services and use digital signatures via Mobil ID service.

The service can be activated to the customer’s existing number or a new SIM card. In order to activate the mobile signature service on an existing number, the customer requires a duplicate SIM. Any customer, who wants to benefit from this service, on a new number should apply to any Bakcell Customer Care Centre and a new SIM card will be provided.  

At present, Asan Imza is going to be used for tax and other operational purposes, related to Ministry of Taxes. However, the service is not going to be limited to this, and more possibilities to use your Asan Imza will be provided in the future. Individuals, legal entities and government bodies (or the persons representing them) need to submit their ID cards and a letter from their organization to Bakcell Customer Care Centre representatives. Once the customers receive Asan Imza activated SIM, they will have to apply to the Asan Certification Service Centre of the Ministry of Taxes in order to activate the e-signature certificate.

Activation and service fees for mobile signature are: 


Bakcell is providing its customers with a free duplicate SIM card while activating Asan Imza service.

We are pleased to announce the launch of mobile signature service at the BakuTel 2013 exhibition which is a very important day for the telecom sector of Azerbaijan. Now Bakcell customers can improve the efficiency of their businesses by using Asan Imza Services. Bakcell is committed to provide the latest and the most innovative technologies to its business partners. Mobile signature is easy to use, secure and convenient for customers. We believe that Bakcell customers will find this service a useful, efficient and cesure way to verify tax, financial and other transactions.”

Mr. Richard Shearer, Bakcell CEO.

Mobile signature is a service for authentication through digital signature for officials of state bodies and organizations, representatives of legal entities and individuals by means of the SIM card of a mobile device.

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