Bahrain Implements Cloud First Policy

Bahrain Implements Cloud First Policy

Bahrain selected by Amazon to become the first leading regional center for data in the Middle East and Africa regions. The Bahrain Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) has implemented the Cloud First policy enabling migrating systems to the Cloud. Bahrain Implements Cloud First Policy.

According to announcement that many government entities in the Kingdom are able to transfer their systems to Cloud. The authority has already begun this step which is a quantum leap in the field of adopting the latest technologies.

Bahrain Implements Cloud First Policy

Chief executive of iGA Al-Qaed Said :

Bahrain is consider as one of leading countries in the Middle East that adopts Cloud policy in the public sector. Such step will open a wide range of providing high salary jobs in the public and private sectors asa well as all related secctors.

Moreover that until now four integrated government systems have been transferred. Include iGA, Ministry of Education, Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA) along with Ministry of Justice & Islamic Affairs which are the first entities to embrace this policy.

The authority has focus on building efficiency in the public sector by a process that was accomplish through working within pioneering eGovernment program. Developing the eGovernment channels, supporting users experience, finding advanced government data network. As well as enhancing technical efficiency and reducing expenses.

However Al-Qaed confirmed the migration and adoption of Cloud First Policy is in-line with the National Strategic Plan and Government Work Plan which allow ministries to deliver more services to customers with lower IT operation costs and enabling them to focus more business rather than maintenance of expensive IT systems.

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