Babilon-Mobile launches Fanbox entertainment service

Tajikistan mobile operator Babilon-Mobile, in cooperation with the content provider Zervana, has launched the Fanbox entertainment portal, accessible over a premium number. A free trial of the portal is offered for three days, after which the daily fee totals USD 0.05 per section.

oice Portal “Fanboks”

Babylon – Mobile” with the content provider “Zurvan” launched entertainment voice portal “Fanboks”, where you can listen to the music hits, funny jokes, check yourself passing interesting tests, and meet interesting people.

To use portal services “FanBoks” You just need to call the number 0930 and follow the simple voice prompts to choose a favorite service, activate the subscription.

you free access to all portal services within 3 days after the activation subscription selected service. Beginning with the fourth day the cost will be only 0.05 USD (including excise tax and VAT) per day for each service.

Calls to 0930 FREE!
To cancel subscriptions to portal services “FanBoks” to call the number 0930 and select the section “Managing subscriptions.

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