Azerbaijani Developers Working on Own Siri-like Personal Assistant

Azerbaijani software developer – the Dilmanc company is going to introduce an analogue of Apple’s personal assistant Siri, which makes it possible to control smartphone with voice commands.

The new app will automatically convert voice to text, which can be useful in typing and sending SMS, for example, if the user is driving a car, and in this case the message’s recipient can be selected in the smartphone’s contacts directory with voice commands.

“Among other useful features the app gives the opportunity to ask questions on topics of interest. For example, it is possible to ask about the weather for tomorrow, information on traffic jams or use computational functions of the smartphone’s calculator,”

Dilmanc said.

And in this case the users will hear a response in the Azerbaijani language, the company said. Also, the personal assistant will be able to open websites, and read any text loudly for the users.

The app is going to be released in 2015 and will be available for the devices running on the Android.

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