SpaceX to Launch First Satellite for Internet Service

SpaceX to Launch First Satellite for Internet Service

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Company launched a Falcon 9 rocket from Florida on Thursday. The aim was to transmit the first batch of five dozen small satellites into low-Earth orbit. SpaceX launched the rocket for his new Starlink internet service. SpaceX to Launch First Satellite for Internet Service

The rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at about 10:30 pm local time. It was design a milestone in a global enterprise aimed at generating cash for Musk’s larger ambitions in space.

SpaceX to Launch First Satellite for Internet Service

The Falcon 9 releases its cargo of 60 satellites into orbit about an hour after its launch. Each one weighs 500 pounds (227 kg), making it the heaviest payload for any SpaceX rocket to date.

The satellites aree planned to arrange the initial phase for high-speed internet service from space to paying customers around the globe.

According to Musk, launch service income to top out at around $3 billion a year.  He said that new Starlink scheme as an important new revenue stream for his California-based Space Exploration Technologies, known as SpaceX.

Musk said:

We think this is a key stepping stone on the way towards establishing a self-sustaining city on Mars and a base on the moon,”

Musk said SpaceX would begin approaching customers later this year or next year.

Hybrid Cloud Adoption on Rise in Middle East

Hybrid Cloud Adoption on Rise in Middle East

According to a report, Middle East organizations are moving fast to the hybrid cloud with the enhancement in business applications and effectiveness. Hybrid Cloud Adoption on Rise in Middle East

All the services that consume a lot of computing power, such as email, are running on public clouds. A global providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) is providing such services. Additionally, sensitive data such as banking or patient records, aree kept on the local private clouds.

Furthermore, a report predicts that cloud services market will grow by 17 percent to a record-high of $206 billion in 2019. According to another report, Serverless computing will go from the current 10 percent rate of adoption to mainstream by 2020-2022.

Hybrid Cloud Adoption on Rise in Middle East

Savitha Bhaskar, chief operating officer at the UAE-based IT infrastructure and information management consultancy and solutions provider Condo Protego, said:

The hybrid cloud market will reach new heights as Middle East organizations understand that their digital transformation relies on a mix of public and private clouds. With hybrid cloud, Middle East organizations can gain flexibility, scalability, and security to optimize costs based on application-level requirements.

Savitha further explained that moving information on, off, and between clouds can be time-consuming, and prohibitively expensive. Additionally, it needs the support of specialized tools and services.

In the Middle East, Condo Protego iss seeing especially strong demand for the Dell EMC VxRail hyper-converged infrastructure running VMware Cloud Foundation private cloud for customers looking to leverage VMware Cloud on AWS.

Bhaskar further said that:

With AWS planning to open several regional data centres in 2019, the Middle East is set to experience a rapid adoption of organizations running on AWS. Early adopters of AWS cloud can optimize their cloud environments for digital business, and free up their IT staff to support business innovation.

WIUT to Hosts “IT with Impact” Events

WIUT to Hosts “IT with Impact” Events

A series of events, “IT with Impact” aree being held at Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT). WIUT to Hosts “IT with Impact” Events

“IT with impact week” wass planned in partnership with the University of Westminster, London (UoW). The aim of the event was to support young people in evolving new skills in programming, decision-making, and teamwork.

WIUT to Hosts “IT with Impact” Events

The program shared scientific-practical conference, presentation of the projects of final year students. The Republican Programming Olympiad was also a part of the event. The program shared the round table discussion dedicated to issues related to technological development.

The conference brought together international experts, students from UoW and WIUT. It covered many other topics such as information systems, online-libraries, and software engineering.

Besides, within the framework of the week, 200 participants from schools, lyceums, and universities of Uzbekistan took part in the Republican Olympiad.

Google Hang up Some Trade with Huawei

Google Hang up Some Trade with Huawei

According to a report, Google has limited businesses with Huawei that need transferring proprietary hardware and software and technical services. Google Hang up Some Trade with Huawei

Furthermore, a Google spokesperson said that current Huawei smartphones users can use and download app updates provided by Google. Additionally, Google restricted all those businesses except those publicly available via open source licensing.

The company has made extensive contributions to the development and growth of Android around the world.

The statement said.

As one of Android’s key global partners, we have worked closely with their open-source platform to develop an ecosystem that has benefitted both users and the industry.

Google Hang up Some Trade with Huawei

It further added that:

We will continue to build a safe and sustainable software ecosystem, in order to provide the best experience for all users globally.

The Google spokesperson said

For users of our services, Google Play and the security protections from Google Play Protect will continue to function on existing Huawei devices.

The suspension could shuffle Huawei’s smartphone business outside China. It will immediately lose access to updates to Google’s Android operating system. Future versions of Huawei smartphones that run on Android will also lose access to popular services, including the Google Play Store and Gmail and YouTube apps, said the Reuters report.

The source said.

Huawei will only be able to use the public version of Android and will not be able to get access to proprietary apps and services from Google.

Nokia 8110 Welcomes WhatsApp to the Store in Pakistan

Nokia 8110 Welcomes WhatsApp to the Store in Pakistan

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, announces that WhatsApp, the simple, reliable and secure messaging app, is available on the Nokia 8110. The app can be downloaded from the Store. Nokia 8110 Welcomes WhatsApp to the Store in Pakistan

Arif Shafique Country Head HMD Global Pakistan, said:

WhatsApp is the most widely used communication app all over the world including Pakistan. It is the most popular means of communicating and staying in touch with family, friends and colleagues. HMD Global, the home of Nokia Phones is proud to announce the availability of WhatsApp on the classic Nokia 8110. Our fans in Pakistan will surely be excited to use this wonderful app on their Nokia 8110 phones.

Nokia 8110 Welcomes WhatsApp to the Store in Pakistan

With a familiar and easy to use interface, the Nokia 8110 features intuitive tactile mechanics such as sliding the cover open to pick up calls and sliding it back to end them, as well as a design that allows for an addictive helicopter-style spin on its axis. It comes with the craftsmanship you would expect from a Nokia phone, delivering durability and reliability as standard.

Powered by KaiOS, the leading mobile operating system for smart feature phones, and the only lite OS with an app store, Nokia 8110 delivers crystal-clear VoLTE calling and is perfect for anyone who wants an iconic 4G feature phone or a companion device. It also comes equipped with the Store, a home to KaiOS-powered apps, rich content and services that enhance user experience. This includes a suite of preloaded Google applications such as the Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Search as well as popular apps like Facebook.

Sebastien Codeville, founder and CEO of KaiOS Technologies, said:

We’re delighted that WhatsApp is now available on the widely popular 8110, enabling users to easily communicate with friends and family, both near and far. Our mission is to provide affordable digital services to everyone, and this announcement marks a big milestone towards our goal.

With two vibrant colours to choose from, Traditional Black and Banana Yellow, the Nokia 8110 has everything you loved reloaded, including a revamped Snake game.

Sony, Microsoft Signed MoU on AI solutions

Sony, Microsoft Signed MoU on AI solutions

Sony Corporation and Microsoft Corp have entered into a partnership to discover new innovations to improve customer experiences in AI solutions. Sony, Microsoft Signed MoU on AI solutions

According to the signed memorandum of understanding (MoU), both the companies will struggle for mutual growth of future cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure. Additionally, it will support their respective game and content-streaming services.

Kenichiro Yoshida, president and CEO, Sony, said:

Sony is a creative entertainment company with a solid foundation of technology. We collaborate closely with a multitude of content creators that capture the imagination of people around the world, and through our cutting-edge technology, provide the tools to bring their dreams and vision to reality.

Sony, Microsoft Signed MoU on AI solutions

He further added:

PlayStation itself came about through the integration of creativity and technology. Our mission is to seamlessly evolve this platform as one that continues to deliver the best and most immersive entertainment experiences, together with a cloud environment that ensures the best possible experience, anytime, anywhere.

He added:

For many years, Microsoft has been a key business partner for us, though of course the two companies have also been competing in some areas. I believe that our joint development of future cloud solutions will contribute greatly to the advancement of interactive content. Additionally, I hope that in the areas of semiconductors and AI, leveraging each company’s cutting-edge technology in a mutually complementary way will lead to the creation of new value for society.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said:

Sony has always been a leader in both entertainment and technology, and the collaboration we announced today builds on this history of innovation. Our partnership brings the power of Azure and Azure AI to Sony to deliver new gaming and entertainment experiences for customers.

IT-Academy Opens in Uchtepa District Tashkent

IT-Academy Opens in Uchtepa District Tashkent

An IT academy was started in the Uchtepa district of Tashkent on 18 May. It is a success of the third initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev. IT-Academy Opens in Uchtepa District Tashkent

Inha University in Tashkent established a project for an IT academy. IUT will organize mutual courses on computer literacy, Scratch, App inventor and other programs. Furthermore, many students, foreign and local teachers of Inha University in Tashkent will attend this training in IT-Academy.

IT-Academy Opens in Uchtepa District Tashkent

The draft program of opening an IT-academy on the third initiative of the President accepts the organization of effective use of computer technologies and the Internet by the population and young people.

Also in Seoul Park of Uchtepa district, Inha University in Tashkent, together with ministries and departments, held a thematic event “Improving the level of technical knowledge among young people.”

During this event, students of Inha University in Tashkent conducted practical training on robotics, the development of the mobile application App Inventor, and also presented a project on Artificial Intelligence.

PayPal Refused to Come to Pakistan: IT Minister

PayPal Refused to Come to Pakistan: IT Minister

Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui publicized that PayPal refuses to come to Pakistan. PayPal Refused to Come to Pakistan: IT Minister

According to the minister, the government is still in touch with PayPal to find any other alternatives. The minister announce this while briefing the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication. The committee meeting was chaired by Ms. Rubina Khalid.

PayPal Refused to Come to Pakistan: IT Minister

Secretary IT Maroof Afzal said:

PayPal did not decline because it has issues operating in Pakistan. Their internal working is such that they are not ready to introduce services in Pakistan.

Senator Mohammad Ateeq Sheikh said that the company is not coming to Pakistan due to lack of legal backing. He explained that PayPal is operating worldwide but has refused to come to Pakistan because of the fear of money laundering entry in Pakistan’s system.

According to him, government should offer a sovereign guarantee to PayPal and ask them for coming on Public Private Partnership basis to remove their apprehensions.

The committee observed that due to lack of online money transfer system, the country is losing huge foreign exchange reserves, besides not letting the freelance sector to flourish.

3G/4G Users in Pakistan Crossed 67 Million- PTA

3G/4G Users in Pakistan Crossed 67 Million- PTA

According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the number of 3G and 4G subscribers has reached 67.48 million by the end of April 2019. 3G/4G Users in Pakistan Crossed 67 Million- PTA

The number of mobile phone users reached 161.01 million compared to 159.024 million at the end of March. It is showing an increase of 1.986 million during the period under review.

Jazz’s total 3G subscribers stood at 13.393 million by end of April compared to 13.622 million by end-of March. It shows a decrease of 0.229 million. During the same period, Jazz 4G users raised from 8.774 million to 9.618 million.

3G/4G Users in Pakistan Crossed 67 Million- PTA

Zong 3G users reached 8.764 million compared to 8.779 million at the end of March. While the number of 4G users jumped from 11.600 million to 12.056 million in the same period.

The number of 3G users of Telenor decreased from 8.764 million to 8.640 million showing a drop of 0.124 million. The number of 4G users increased from 5.905 million to 6.186 million.

Ufone shows a decrease of 0.2 million in its 3G subscriber base with numbers decreasing from 7.846 million to 7.646 million.

Teledensity for cellular mobile increased from 75.86% to 76.69% and the same for broadband subscribers reached 69.577 million by the end of April compared to 68.244 million by end-March.

Telenor Velocity Partners With Google to Bring Its First Gaming Cohort

Telenor Velocity Partners With Google to Bring Its First Gaming Cohort

Telenor Pakistan’s digital startup accelerator program, Telenor Velocity has signed a contract with Google to launch its first ever gaming cohort aimed at promoting game developers. Telenor Velocity Partners With Google to Bring Its First Gaming Cohort

Game Launcher is a program for top indie game studios who are looking to build, scale & monetize best-in-class mobile games.

Like most developing technology areas, game development requires learning and mentoring. To bridge the gap, Telenor Pakistan has joined hands with Google to bring in the world’s top gaming gurus to speak and mentor at game development workshops.

Most of these training sessions will be held at Telenor Pakistan Campus 345. There will be 4 workshops hosted by Telenor Velocity’s Game Launcher in which gurus from Google and global gaming industry will educate Velocity’s gaming cohort on how to develop games and monetize them.

Telenor Velocity Partners With Google to Bring Its First Gaming Cohort

Together, we aim to revolutionize gaming as a career and eventually place Pakistan on the international game developers map.

Telenor Velocity and Google are targeting Pakistan’s aspiring developers to improve their skills and bring the next multi-million dollar games from Pakistan.

Talking about the collaboration, CEO Telenor Pakistan and Head of Emerging Asia Cluster, Irfan Wahab Khan said:

We, at Telenor Pakistan, have been at the forefront of bringing technological interventions and innovative solutions for various segments of the society. This collaboration with Google to enable the game developers and enthusiasts in the country is a testament to our commitment to provide top-notch solutions and platforms to our people.


Telenor Velocity’s Game Launcher program has opened for applications through online registration after which 25 teams will be shortlisted. There will be three rounds over a period of 8 months. In every round, a few teams will be eliminated with the rest proceeding to the next level.

At the end of the program, top 7 teams will travel to Singapore Google HQ to pitch their games to potential investors.

Farhan Qureshi, Country Manager South Asian Frontier Markets at Google expressed his delight to play a role in uplifting country’s digital ecosystem.

We’re glad to be pitching in with Telenor Pakistan to help grow the overall digital ecosystem in the country and look forward to unearthing hidden gems together from Pakistan’s game developers’ community.

AgriTech Cohort

Telenor Velocity’s first thematic AgriTech cohort brought forward three startups in April 2019. The finalists include Pak ZarZameen, Good Earth, and Pak Agri Market which were picked from 64 participating teams.

Pak ZarZameen

Pak ZarZameen provides low-cost precision agriculture services and crop health analyses making early detection of crop stress, identification of intra-field variability, monitoring of effects of specific tasks possible among other things.

Good Earth

Good Earth provides a digital ecosystem for farm mechanization offering tracker services and doorstep delivery of farming machinery. In addition, it also provides training and certifications for service providers.

Pak Agri Market

Pak Agri Market provides a directory for agri-shops across Pakistan offering a centralized shop and product directory with reviews and ratings, ensuring farmers’ access to quality products at competitive pricing.

By being a part of Velocity’s AgriTech cohort, these startups will be getting access to the necessary tools and insights to scale their ventures.

Velocity is Telenor Pakistan’s startup accelerator program aimed at developing and boosting the local digital ecosystem. With the AgriTech and Gaming cohorts, Telenor Velocity is helping in the development of specialized digital solutions targeting specific focus areas.

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