3G/4G Subscribers Reached 64.5 Million in February 2019

3G/4G Subscribers Reached 64.5 Million in February 2019

According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) statistics, the number of 3G and 4G subscribers reached 64.57 million by end February 2019. 3G/4G Subscribers Reached 64.5 Million in February 2019

The telecom operator Jazz 3G subscribers reached 13.714 million by end February compared to 13.72 million by end January that shows a decrease of 0.006 million. While Jazz 4G user rises from 7.606 million by end January to 8.144 million by end February.

3G/4G Subscribers Reached 64.5 Million in February 2019

Zong 3G subscribers improved from 8.660 million by end January 2019 to 8.738 million. The Zong 4G subscriber increases from 10.443 million by end January to 11.026 million by end of February.

Telenor network shows a decrease in 3G subscribers from 8.917 million by end January to 8.851 million by end February. The number of 4G users rises from 5.227 million by end January to 5.569 million by end February.

Ufone added 0.079 million 3G users on its network during the month of January as the total reached to 8.418 million by end January compared to 8.339 million by end December. PTA has not released the data for February for Ufone.

At the same place, mobile phone users crossed 156.9 million in the same period compared to 153.302 million by end January 2019. It shows a rise of 3.698 million during the same period.

Teledensity for cellular mobile rises to 76.3 percent by end February compared to 75.78 by end January and broadband subscribers reached 66704731 by end February compared to 65139237 by end January.

Ufone to use TPL Maps for Intelligent Location Based Solutions

Ufone to use TPL Maps for Intelligent Location Based Solutions

Pakistan’s largest digital mapping company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ufone, Pakistan’s leading telecom provider. Ufone to use TPL Maps for Intelligent Location Based Solutions

TPL Maps’ is a newly launched location-based services platform with APIs that can be customized for developers to suit their needs in the telecommunication sector. Furthermore, Ufone will now be using TPL Maps. Ufone’s product portfolio and features will be inherently expanded by this collaboration, while it will also improve the level of customer service.

Ufone to use TPL Maps for Intelligent Location Based Solutions

Adnan Shahid, CEO TPL Maps said:

We are excited with the opportunity to collaborate with Ufone to build and provide location-based services and solutions that enhance business outcomes, generating growth and value for the telecom sector and its stakeholders. We will build on this partnership to provide ‘maps on demand’ and other location-based solutions to foster the great partnership.

Ahmad Kamal, Chief Officer Customer Operations for Ufone said:

Enabling and empowering our customers is at the core of our business philosophy. We want Ufone consumers to experience futuristic mapping and other digital facilities to meet their business needs more swiftly. We, at Ufone, are proud to work with TPL Maps, a truly Pakistani technology enterprise   – to complement our local expertise, build solutions together, and ultimately add value to our customer – base and the region as a whole.

This collaboration follows a global trend, where telecom-providers are harnessing major opportunities, created by the convergence of various technologies. It promises to revolutionize the level of convenience for the consumers, while it leverages the most advanced LBS platform to identify strengths and co-create fresh solutions.

Microsoft to Showcase AI Innovations at Comex

Microsoft to Showcase AI Innovations at Comex

Microsoft today revealed AI innovations at the 29th edition of Oman’s premier annual ICT trade show Comex 2019 at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre in Muscat. Microsoft to Showcase AI Innovations at Comex

The Microsoft opinion was the ability of AI to authorize entities and organizations.

Sheikh Saif Hilal Al Hosni, country manager, Microsoft Bahrain and Oman, said:

Microsoft iss resolutely committed to empowering public and private enterprises to fulfil Oman’s economic vision. We see digital transformation as an indispensable part of achieving prosperity for all Omanis, and artificial intelligence is the lynchpin of it. We aim to bring responsible and trusted AI to every application, business process and employee, enabling organizations to go further with digitization and deliver unprecedented insights to decision makers.

Microsoft to Showcase AI Innovations at Comex

Comex 2019 was a three days event and 110 exhibitors participated at the event. All the participants shared their ideas in areas such as augmented and virtual reality, cybersecurity, 3D printing, blockchain, big data, Internet of Things, smart cities, artificial intelligence, payment technologies and robotics.

Hassan Fida Al Lawati, director general of Digital Society Development at the Information Technology Authority of Oman, said:

We aree pleased to once again to see Microsoft’s participation at Comex 2019. As we move diligently towards the fulfilment of our leadership’s vision for a sustainable, diversified economy, it is gratifying to have a partner so committed to the acceleration of digital transformation. We appreciate Microsoft’s efforts in all industries across Oman and look forward to our continued collaboration.

Comex attendees also got the opportunity to get hands-on with multiple IoT- and AI-themed click-thru demos. Company experts revealed an end-to-end tourist platform powered by AI.

Microsoft Partner GULFCYBERTECH E-solutions showcased a range of solutions for various sectors and industries. Microsoft Partner EXCEED IT Services also participated to showcase various AI-based technologies for organizations.

PTCL Upgrades Nine Exchanges in Seven Cities

PTCL Upgrades Nine Exchanges in Seven Cities

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has further transformed 9 exchanges in 7 cities as part of its Network Transformation Project (NTP). PTCL Upgrades Nine Exchanges in Seven Cities

The upgraded exchanges are Khyber Exchange in Peshawar, Tarnol & F11 Exchange in Islamabad, Jauhar Exchange in Karachi, DHA & Misrishah Exchange in Lahore, CTX Faisalabad Exchange in Faisalabad, Mumtazabad Exchange in Multan and Lohianwala Exchange in Gujranwala.

PTCL Upgrades Nine Exchanges in Seven Cities

Through its transformed network, PTCL now offers faster connections with its enhanced copper network and new fiber network. NTP has yielded positive results in those specific areas where the exchanges have been transformed, resulting in a reduction of 32% customer complaints.

The company has earmarked the areas of various exchanges, which have been transformed. The residents of these exchanges can easily find out if they reside in the upgraded exchange areas through the official website.

Muhammad Anwar Gaddafi, Executive Vice President, Sales, PTCL, said:

PTCL in an endeavor to provide reliable, high speed and unlimited internet for its customers are upgrading more exchanges under its Network Transformation Project across Pakistan. In our effort to make Pakistan digitally connected, the company’s focus is on improving service quality and strengthening the overall network infrastructure that will benefit the end customer.

PTCL is striving hard to provide better services and improved network quality.

Apple to Start New Data Centre in North China

Apple to Start New Data Centre in North China

Apple has decided to build its first data centre in north China. According to a Chinese analyst, such databases would perform more frequently in the country with the arrival of 5G. Apple to Start New Data Centre in North China

The new data centre will be the company’s second data centre in China. It will be located in Ulanqab, north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Apple to Start New Data Centre in North China

Furthermore, construction work on Apple’s data centre in southwest China’s Guizhou province started in May 2018.

The project of new data centre building is expected to go into operation in 2020. According  to a report, it will offer iCloud services for Apple users in China.

The start of data centres can help solve many problems that domestic iPhone users have encountered. Internet connection errors and data synchronization failures, domestic news portal ce.cn are the main issues.

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Du Partners with Telstra to Provide Video Connectivity to MBC

Du Partners with Telstra to Provide Video Connectivity to MBC

Du has partnered with Telstra to offer MBC in Dubai with dedicated and fully managed video network service. Du Partners with Telstra to Provide Video Connectivity to MBC

The service will be provided on the Telstra Global Media Network. It will be offeredd to enable high-quality video streaming to Europe. It is specifically designed to offer seamless delivery of video content by using the latest technologies.

Du Partners with Telstra to Provide Video Connectivity to MBC

Hany Aly, executive vice president, Enterprise Business, du said:

Dedicated video solutions for moving content are gaining traction as they allow higher video rates and flexibility in terms of permanent or occasional use. Du iss increasingly trusted to distribute live content, because we always ensure our solutions aree customized for specific needs to maintain the highest levels of quality. Our distribution network offers quick, simple and reliable access to the widest possible range of distribution options, across multiple platforms.

Andreas Eriksson, acting head of Telstra Broadcast Services, added:

We aree delighted to add du and MBC in Dubai to the Telstra Global Media Network, extending our network capability in the Middle East. We have worked closely with du to add significant value for MBC with this expansion, as well as enabling the creation and delivery of new services in the future. MBC will benefit from our simple, global and seamless solution for content distribution, allowing them to create new revenue streams in a more efficient and faster way.

Nader Mokhtar, director of MCR and Broadcast technology in MBC, said:

We have designed and engineered the video solution with du/Telstra based on our experience, to avoid any single point of failure and to have a redundancy across all levels, fiber cables as well as any equipment along the different paths in addition to monitoring points at each stage.”

Du teleport services and datamena datacenter enables content owners and players to contribute and distribute content in several ways. Additionally, Du’s international media network provides superfast, secure and reliable global delivery of video, data and more.

Google to Start Google Pay Services in Pakistan

Google to Start Google Pay Services in Pakistan

According to a report, Google has decided to launch Google Pay services in Pakistan. Google to Start Google Pay Services in Pakistan

The timeline for the launch of Google Pay in Pakistan is not yet clear, however, the actual launch could take several months. The intent was communicatedd to government officials in a meeting.

Google to Start Google Pay Services in Pakistan

In a separate meeting, the Google team met with Minister for IT and Telecom and apprised the minister that company iss also looking to start a training programme for imparting basic digital expertise to the people in Pakistan.

They also discussed issues relating to social media, e-commerce, digital expertise, and digital payments.

Additionally, the Federal IT Minister appreciated Google and assured his ministry’s full support for the initiatives.

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Jazz Achieves 140 Mbps in 4G Testing

Jazz Achieves 140 Mbps in 4G Testing

Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital communications company, has recently introduced a new LTE carrier, L900, in Islamabad to help with the growing customer demand to ensure the best internet experience for everyone. Jazz Achieves 140 Mbps in 4G Testing

This carrier addition now catapults Jazz into the elite LTE-Advanced/4G+ operators group. Capable 4G sim cards and handsets will allow Islamabad city’s residents enjoy a superior data experience than before.

Additionally, devices incapable of this carrier aggregation will nonetheless be able to experience deep indoor coverage improvement through this new LTE carrier.

Jazz Achieves 140 Mbps in 4G Testing

Pakistan’s data demand is growing rapidly, evident from the rapid increases in user base and data traffic. In many cities, data traffic on LTE networks has noticeably grown four times, as 4G phones are becoming mainstream in the device market.

Understanding that current LTE coverage and capacity cannot meet near future data demands, Jazz decided to reaffirm its position as a leading mobile operator by deploying this new LTE carrier.

Asif Aziz, Chief Commercial Officer at Jazz said:

Jazz is a new age digital service provider and the leading telecom company of Pakistan, spearheading the way towards the digitalization of Pakistan through innovation, technology and a consumer centric approach towards enablement.

The introduction of L900 will help with the rising customer demand and guarantee the best internet experience for everyone.

Shehzad, Chief Technology Officer at Jazz said:

Through this new LTE carrier, subscribers will enjoy a faster mobile network and more advanced technology. This move improves our LTE coverage significantly, which means our subscribers can enjoy superior data experience in indoor locations.

The mobile operator has been recognized by OOKLA, the global Speedtest leader as the fastest mobile network in Pakistan after winning the Speedtest Award twice in a row during 2018. All this success is down to the constant need to innovate in keeping ahead of customer demand and market dynamics.

So far the results after L900’s addition are very encouraging with net increase in current throughputs & active users, primarily due to better enhanced additional capacity and deep indoor coverage, respectively.

Du to Launch IoT and AI Competition

Du to Launch IoT and AI Competition

Du has decided to launch IoT and AI Innovators Competition to raise home-grown innovation and entrepreneurship. The launch of such event will lead UAE into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Du to Launch IoT and AI Competition

During the competition, participants aree encouraged to focus on innovative ideas for the evolution of smart city, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) developments. The event is designed to encourage new talent to play important roles in science, technology, innovation and the UAE Future Accelerators program.

Du to Launch IoT and AI Competition

Saleem AlBlooshi, chief technology officer, EITC, said:

The growing motivations for knowledge and innovation-based initiatives aree at the heart of Vision 2021’s ‘United in Knowledge’ pillar.

He further added that:

At du, our mission is to nurture a spirit of innovation that makes this vision a reality. With the launch of U5GIG we have devised a platform to address national priorities, and by launching initiatives such as the IoT and AI Pioneers Competition, we are directly transforming the UAE’s social and economic futures and progressing our intelligent networks.

The top winners will receive valuable cash prizes. Additionally, the winning idea will get the chance to be commercialized at a later date.

Saudi Investment Bank Announced Digital Transformation Partnership with SAP

Saudi Investment Bank Announced Digital Transformation Partnership with SAP

Saudi Investment Bank has declared a digital transformation partnership with global technology company SAP. The aim of this partnership is to support the digital banking market and develop customer experiences. Saudi Investment Bank Announced Digital Transformation Partnership with SAP

According to the company, bank is investing heavily on the SAP hybrid platform that iss powered by SAP. Other retail and corporate banks are also investing in digital transformation to fulfill customer demands. Additionally, the bank will get real time awareness about customers by using solutions running on SAP’s digital platform. In this way, bank can enhance customer experience and will make it easier to open accounts. Moreover, customers can apply for loans, acquire the different cards products, and enjoy all banking services via online channels, or on mobile devices.

Saudi Investment Bank Announced Digital Transformation Partnership with SAP

According to a recent report, the global digital banking market will grow by 25 per cent from SR45 billion ($11.99 billion) in 2018 to SR56 billion ($14.92 billion) in 2021.

SAP stated that the Saudi Investment Bank shows how intelligent enterprises can provide customers with faster and easier experiences, as in-person banking is replaced by digital banking, the bank can share insights on one digital platform to simplify business operations and customer journeys. Furthermore, the Saudi Investment Bank can provide the right banking products at the right time on the right mobile device.

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