COVID-19 pandemic

Hummer EV launch event delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic

General Motors is delaying the upcoming reveal of the new all-electric Hummer truck, which was originally scheduled for May 20th because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

artificial intelligence

US patent office rules that artificial intelligence cannot be a legal inventor

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has ruled that artificial intelligence systems cannot be credited as an inventor in a patent, the agency announced earlier this week.

Neural net-generated

Neural net-generated memes are one of the best uses of AI on the internet

I’ve spent a good chunk of my workday so far creating memes thanks to this amazing website from Imgflip that automatically generates captions for memes using a neural network


WhatsApp ups limit on video calls to eight people

WhatsApp video calls can now include up to eight people instead of just four. In order to reach the new upper limit, everyone on the call will need to be running the updated version of the app.

Faze Clan launches

Faze Clan launches new studio for original film and TV projects

Faze Clan is expanding beyond platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Today the esports and lifestyle company announced the launch of Faze Studios, alongside producer Michael Sugar’s Sugar23 platform, with the goal of producing original film and TV projects.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia gets PUBG, with Star Wars, Madden, and FIFA arriving later this year

Google is bringing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) to Stadia today, and it’s promising to launch several EA games later this year. PUBG will be free for Stadia Pro members and will include the new Cold Front season pass.

iPhone 12

Apple reportedly delays iPhone 12 mass production by a month

Apple is reportedly delaying mass production of its upcoming iPhone 12 handsets by around a month. The Wall Street Journal reports that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic across supply chains and manufacturing has disrupted Apple’s iPhone 12 mass production plans.

original SMS service

Twitter turns off its original SMS service in most countries

For the most part, you can no longer use Twitter as it was originally built to be used: over text message.
Last week, Twitter turned off the ability to receive SMS messages containing the text of new tweets. The feature was disabled in all but “a few countries” that rely on the feature

iPhone SE

iPhone SE teardown reveals which pieces come from older iPhones

Reviews of the new 2020 iPhone SE are here and so is iFixit’s teardown of the device. While the $400 handset has a design similar to that of an iPhone 8, the teardown reveals that it’s surprisingly modern on the inside.


Google will tell you when it thinks its search results aren’t good

Google is adding a new feature to search today that will let you know when it thinks the search results it’s offering aren’t that good.

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