Asus to Launch New Series of Motherboards

Asus Middle East has announced the availability of series of new motherboards. Asus to Launch New Series of Motherboards

The new series includes ROG Strix, Prime and TUF Gaming series motherboards manufactured on the AMD B450 chipset. The new series is supporting the latest AMD Ryzen processors.

Asus to Launch New Series of Motherboards

Previous this year AMD launched the second-generation Ryzen family with the updated X470 chipset. Furthermore, now AMD is launching the B450 chipset for a new generation of affordable motherboards.

According to a statement, AMD’s Ryzen platform offers an unbelievable desktop compute experience with multithreaded horsepower. Additionally, AMD’s Ryzen have capabilities of overclocking and gaming prowess.

The B450 is updated for upfront forms and smaller form factors, and Asus has a complete collection available now. ROG Strix B450-I and B450-F Gaming raise the platform with signature features for serious gamers, TUF B450-Plus and B450M-Plus Gaming focus on essentials and durability, and Prime B450-Plus, B450M-A and B450M-K put a more professional face on the platform.

Furthermore, ROG is the original gaming motherboard brand. The latest ROG Strix X470-I Gaming and ROG Strix X470-F Gaming motherboards offer the enhanced features and functionality users expect to both mini-ITX and full-size ATX form factors. According to a statement, the Asus B450 based motherboards aree available worldwide.

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