Astellia to present Nova 4G monitoring service at MWC

Astellia will showcase Nova 4G, its new generation of monitoring solutions at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In the world of 4G monitoring Nova is taking a quantum leap with its leading edge technology coupled with Astellia’s accrued experience over the past ten years. Nova is designed to improve mobile operators’ business performance, optimize end-to-end data service quality and enhance user experience. Nova is already deployed at several European and North American Tier 1 operators to monitor, analyze and visualize their LTE network performance in real-time.

Nova meets Network Operations and Customer Care teams’ requirements by carrying out network and customer analytics to detect, troubleshoot and report issues. Nova also cleverly addresses marketing and sales teams’ needs, to help them uncover new business opportunities. Nova features the unique capability to analyze 100% of the user plane traffic measuring customer usage and experience for any mobile applications such as Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.
By offering a comprehensive suite of web-based applications, Nova can grasp the huge amount of information captured by Astellia’s intelligent and high capacity Neptune probes. Nova consists of 3 fundamental components:

[list style=”unordered” type=”type1″] Nova Analytics for intelligent and business-oriented performance dashboards to facilitate decision-making. Multi-dimensional 4G data manipulation (network element, cell, mobile applications, subscribers, handsets, etc.) and KPI trend analysis help operators identify unusual performance behavior, understand subscriber usage patterns and carefully guard the quality experienced by their customers in order to reduce churn. By using the tablet compatible application, managers can easily pinpoint performance degradation responsible for revenue leakage, prioritize actions and send instructions to operators in the field.

Nova Explorer for fast end-to-end investigations as well as root cause analysis of customer complaints and quality degradations. Users will gain instant visibility into network health by browsing through millions of call data records across all technologies (Core CS, Core PS, EPC, RAN and LTE). For instance, pinpointing a weak link or faulty equipment in a multi-vendor network will considerably increase operational efficiency.

Nova Alerter for real-time fault detection to trigger alarms based on customer-centric KPIs in order to quickly detect failures or abnormal behavior of network elements affecting service efficiency and customer experience. This comes in particularly handy when upgrading network equipment or assessing field operation impact in real-time.

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