Armentel Doubles Internet Speed for A Number Of Hi-Line Subscribers

“ArmenTel” (Beeline trademark) announced the launch of the project for enhancing internet speed for Hi-Line subscribers. 

In the first phase of the program, starting from November 15, 2013, the internet speed will be doubled for all the customers of Hi-Line service with 1Mbps transmission capacity. All the terms of providing the service including the current payment will be unchanged.

Constant technological development of our company allows “ArmenTel” to use it for the good of our subscribers. We are expanding the channels, modernizing the infrastructure in the country and may offer our subscribers new profitable terms of use of our services. Taking into account the social element of the tariff policy, first of all we will increase the speed of Hi-Line subscribers using relatively low transmission capacity of the channel”, noted “ArmenTel.”

-CEO Andrey Pyatakhin

“ArmenTel” will also announce new initiatives for Hi-Line subscribers soon.


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