Apple’s Former CEO Could Launch Takeover Bid for BlackBerry

Apple‘s former CEO, John Sculley who famously clashed with Steve Jobs and was later ousted from the company could be about to make a counter-bid to buy struggling smartphone manufacturer, BlackBerry.

The Globe and Mail newspaper reported the news that he is exploring a potential bid for the company.

Mr. Sculley said he could not comment on the matter, but noted “I’ve been a long-time BlackBerry fan and user.”

BlackBerry has accepted an in-principle takeover bid worth just UIS$4.7 billion from private equity group, but is free to seek out alternative bids, and there are numerous rumors of counter bids being lined up.

Mr. Sculley added:

Whoever buys it would have to have a strategic plan that was credible and could succeed, and they would want to have an experienced team that would be able to implement that plan.”

Despite his problems at Apple, Scilley is acknowledged as a marketing expert and is a serial investor in a number of successful high-tech start-ups.

Source: Globe and Mail

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