Apple Wins Partial Victory in Patent Dispute with Samsung

A US Federal Appeals Court has given Apple a fresh opportunity to argue its case that Samsung should be barred from selling some of its smartphones in the USA.

Last year, the Californian District Judge Lucy Koh rules that Apple could not seek an import ban on 26 Samsung products after she found the company had infringed on Apple patents.

Apple appealed, and now the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has partially agreed with Apple.

The court said that parts of the earlier ruling to dismiss the request for an import ban were correct, but said that it may have been based on insufficient evidence. The court will now have to rehear the case again.

Apple has been arguing that the huge financial damages awarded against Samsung were not sufficient of a penalty considering what it said were the deliberate patent infringements.

Samsung has refuted that stating that a fine was sufficient.

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