Apple to Present a New Version of Smartwatch

Apple to Present a New Version of Smartwatch

Apple decided to show a new version of its smartwatch in future. The new version can link openly to mobile networks. The new version of smartwatch will allow you to make phone calls. Some models of this smartwatch will be equippedd with LTE chips. According to the report, Intel will provide LTE supported modem for new smartwatch. Apple to Present a New Version of Smartwatch

Apple to Present a New Version of Smartwatch

Usually, a smartwatch needs an iPhone to connect with the networks. Presently, the Apple Watch require an iPhone to communicate such as send messages, get directions from maps and stream music. But this new version of smartwatch will execute different tasks without connecting with an iPhone to be in range.

The iPhone maker is already in dialogs with United States and Europe about presenting the cellular version of the Apple Watch.

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