Apple Suffers Yet Another iPhone Setback

Apple was hit by a second ban on iPhone sales in as many weeks after failing to convince a German court it does not infringe on a key Qualcomm patent.  Apple released a software update for its iPhone operating system to skirt the Chinese ban but it was not successful

Apple suffers second iPhone setback

Qualcomm claims that Apple infringed on two of its patents that relate to features which allow users to adjust and reformat the size and appearance of photographs and managing apps on a phone’s touch screen.

Despite reportedly making changes to its iPhone software in the country in an attempt to garner a favourable decision, a regional court in Munich was unconvinced, banning the import and sale of devices it ruled infringe on Qualcomm’s power saving technology for smartphones.

The judgement will be enforceable once Qualcomm posts funds which would cover potential damages incurred by Apple should the ruling be overturned or amended following an appeal.

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Qualcomm said the fund transfer will be completed “within a few days”.

A request from Apple to postpone the ban was denied. In a statement to Reuters, the vendor said it was disappointed by the German court’s ruling and plans to appeal the decision.

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