Apple Slips While Huawei Gains In Brand Preference Survey

Apple‘s brand preference rating fell by 5.1 points between Q2 and Q4 2013 one of the weakest performances of 21 major technology brands in the latest survey published by Strategy Analytics.

Of particular concern to Apple is that its rating fell furthest in its core affluent and younger demographics. Samsung remained in first place, gaining ground in continental Europe but falling back in the USA and UK.

The best performance came from Huawei with an increase of 3.8 points since Q2 2013 and strong gains in upper income segments. Blackberry (down 11.9 points) and Motorola (down 6.1) saw the biggest declines, reflecting the difficulties of these brands in recent times.

The brand preference rating is an indication of the balance between consumers who say they would choose a brand and those who would not, when buying technology products such as computers, mobile phones, TVs and related products, based on a survey of 6180 respondents in the US and Europe.

Apple’s challenge is to stem the flow away from its stronghold segments while expanding its presence across other income and age demographics. Our research shows that none of today’s leading technology brands can afford to rest on their laurels as newcomers such as Huawei are ready to provide serious competition.”

-David Mercer, Principal Analyst and the report’s author


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