Anritsu helps Samsung showcase LTE broadcast services

Samsung Electronics has demonstrated clear reception capacities of LTE broadcast services using evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) technology, communications products provider Anritsu’s Rapid Test Designer (RTD) and MD8430A to simulate the LTE network environment.

eMBMS technology allows the LTE network infrastructure to be used for the delivery of broadcast services, such as TV. It enables carriers to adjust coverage and capacity as needed, allowing for more use of network resources. Samsung Electronics and Anritsu have collaborated to bring this new technology to market.

Anritsu’s RTD delivers a set of test features using its flowcharting user interface. The Samsung engineers were able to create the eMBMS demonstration using RTD’s graphical script design to drive the execution of the test simulation on an Anritsu MD8430A LTE signaling tester.

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