Amazon Web Services to open Middle East base in Bahrain

Amazon Web Services to open Middle East base in Bahrain

Global tech Amazon has announced to open an infrastructure region in the middle east based in bahrain by early in 2019. Amazon Web Services to open Middle East base in Bahrain.

It also launch an AWS Edge Network Location in the UAE in the first quarter of 2018. This will bring Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, AWS Shield and AWS WAF to the region.

Amazon Web Services to open Middle East base in Bahrain

Countries across the Middle East are looking to innovate, grow their economies and pursue their vision plans, such as Saudi Vision 2030, UAE Vision 2021, Bahrain Vision 2030 and cloud technology will be helping them to achieve this.

CEO, Amazon Web Services, Andy Jassy Said:

Some of the most gratifying parts of operating AWS over the last 11 years have been helping thousands of new companies get started, empowering large enterprises to reinvent their customer experiences and allowing governments and academic institutions to innovate for citizens again.

Chief Executive of Bahrain Economic Development Board, Khalid-Al-Rumaihi Said:

AWS commitment to expanding its presence into the Middle East and North Africa region from Bahrain. It is a major enabler for technology and data driven business across the GCC. This will benefit global corporates SME entrepreneurs and governments.

AWS opened also offices to serve its rapidly growing customer base with presence in Dubai, UAE and Bahrain. These offices have been established with teams of account managers, solutions architects, partner managers, professional services consultants, support staff and various other functions for customers to engage with AWS.

Further to support the growth of new business, AWS works with incubators and accelerators in the Middle East to provide resources to startups through AWS Activate program. AWS also works with a number of local and international accelerators and incubators active in the region. Such as AstroLabs in the UAE, Cloud 10 Scalerator in Bahrain, as well as 500 Startups and Startup boot camp.

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