Always Stay in Touch With NarCredit Service

NarMobile has started a new service, NarCredit through which users can call or send messages anytime – even when your balance is zero! To use this service, dial *700#050#  and get 0.50 AZN of credit. Fee for service usage is 0.10 AZN. You can also get a credit for 1 AZN. To do this, just type in the phone code:*700#100#. Fee for service usage is 0.20 AZN.  For credit debt inquires, dial *700#150#.

• NarCredit service can only be used by pre-paid subscribers in active status. If your number is not active, you must reactivate it prior to using this service.
• This service does not prolong the activation period of your number.
• You can apply for credit only if your balance is zero.
• Subscribers can apply for NarCredit service more than once each day.
• You can apply for the second credit before covering the first one, if you have covered two or more debts from 21.04.11 till now.
• This service can be used for Roaming.
• To use NarCredit service, the usage period of your number should be 90 days and you should top up your balance at least 4 times during this period.
• Credit debt is deducted from a subscriber’s balance after the next top-up.Under the new rules if there is not enough money on your balance, the credit debt will not be erased at once, but part by part. The smallest sum that will be erased – 0.10 AZN.
• Funds transferred via Money Transfer service can also be used for debt payment.

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