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Almost All of the Computers in Pakistan Use Unlicensed Computer Software

According to a recent survey, it has been disclosed that almost 83% of the software being used in Pakistan are either pirated or unlicensed. Using pirated copies or unlicensed computer software causes tremendous amount of loss to the companies that actually developed these software. This is done by misusing the licensing script by the distributing firms or individuals worldwide.

Pakistan Uses the Most Unlicensed Computer Software in The World

The Spectator Index has recently published a list of countries using most pirated or unlicensed software in the world. No surprise for us, Pakistan stands at number three of that particular list.

The list that is based on the data collected by the BSA – The Software Alliance states that 83% of computers in Pakistan use unlicensed software while Venezuela, a Latin American country tops the list with 89% followed by Indonesia with 83%.

Japan and the US remain countries with least use of pirated or unlicensed software programs in the world having 16 and 15 percent of such computers, respectively.


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Other countries on the list are:

  • Nigeria – 80%
  • Vietnam – 74%
  • China – 66%
  • Russia – 62%
  • Egypt – 59%
  • India – 56%
  • Turkey – 56%
  • Saudi Arabia – 47%
  • Brazil – 43%
  • Italy – 43%
  • France – 32%
  • UK – 21%
  • Canada – 22%
  • Germany – 20%


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