Alcatel-Lucent Accredited As Supplier of Small Cells to Vodafone

Alcatel Lucent  has been selected by Vodafone Group as a Supplier of Reference for LTE metro cells with integrated Wi-Fi capability.

However the deal is simply a pre-approval, and no actual supply contracts have been agreed yet. As a supplier of reference, Alcatel-Lucent can bid on business in all Vodafone countries with its Metro Cell Outdoor small cell products.

Luis Martinez Amago, President of Alcatel-Lucent’s EMEA region, said:

Vodafone Group is taking a leadership role with the deployment of small cells throughout their global properties and by serving as an industry reference with the deployment of a multi-vendor heterogeneous architecture. In being named a Supplier of Reference, Vodafone has given Alcatel-Lucent a strong endorsement that our small cells will help them to deliver high quality service to their customers.”

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