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Airworks Trading Reveals the Top 2020 DJI Drones for Personal Use

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates Drones are cool. There is no denying it. Some are glorified tech toys, but many models are useful tools for imaging and cinematic applications small and large. If looking for a flying camera to use on a project, there is something out there for any budget: this industry has come a long way in a very short time. There are models on the market now that have amazing video quality and stabilization, something we couldn’t even have dreamed of just 5 years ago. Of course one gets what one pays for: a drone that can capture stunning footage requires a somewhat hefty investment. And like any investment, doing prior research to make sure it’s actually worth the money is always a good idea.

Airworks Trading Reveals the Top 2020 DJI Drones for Personal Use

As a new DJI Authorized Dealer located in Dubai, Airworks offers official DJI Drones and Gimbals on stock with official warranty. It may be daunting to understand how drones work; this is why AirWorks has released DJI Educational, the online platform that explains how to fly. The courses cover everything one needs to start flying a UAV safely. Upon completion of the course, a certificate of participation is released. All courses are free for AirWorks customers, and are available for a fee for all other users.

Here are some of the best DJI Drones on the market in 2020: this will make finding the ideal one a little bit easier.

The drones listed are ready-to-fly models, which means they can be used right out of the box. In most cases, an Android or iOS device will be needed to view the camera feed in real-time, but a few models also stream video directly to remote control.

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