Airtel Lanka reaches ‘all regions’ with 3G

The Airtel Lanka offering of technology innovation and service excellence has seen rapid adoption rates among Sri Lankan mobile subscribers: in the space of just four years, the subscriber base has grown tremendously to 1.7 million active subscribers across all geographies in the country. With its suite of digital mobile services which includes voice telephony, voice mail, data services and GSM based services; the company is well on its way to achieving its vision of becoming the network of choice of Sri Lankans.

To subscribers, this has meant affordability and accessibility to telecommunication services that are current and relevant to modern, individual and corporate customer needs. Being a catalyst of change, Airtel Lanka has also been privy to the global human resources training to offer their local employees first class training, development and secondment opportunities that make them extremely competitive within the labour force both locally and internationally. With the company’s HR practices ranked amongst the best and sought after in the country, the Year 2012 also saw Airtel Lanka winning a silver award against a contingent of many other renowned corporates in Sri Lanka at the HRM awards 2012.

Sri Lankan cellular subsidiary rolled out 1,600 wireless towers covering all 25 districts of Sri Lanka by December 2012, and that of these, over 650 towers offered 3G services, with a 3G presence in all regions. Earlier in the year, Airtel also completed a six-month network upgrade in the Colombo and Greater Colombo areas, delivering HSPA+ at selected sites. Since launching commercial services in Sri Lanka in January 2009, Airtel says it has invested over USD325 million in the country, local newspaper the Daily News reports. The parent company added that Airtel Sri Lanka had 1.7 million active subscribers by December 2012.

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