Airspan receives LTE certification for Air4G in Russia

Airspan Networks has received certification from the Russian Federal Agency for Communications (Rossvyaz) for the Air4G line of products for LTE network deployments throughout Russia. This certification grants operators and carriers the authority to deploy LTE networks with Airspan’s Air4G base stations in the 2.3-2.7 GHz band as well as the addition of micro and pico Wimax base stations in the 3.3-3.7 GHz band. Macro Wimax certification was acquired previously and LTE certification for the 3.x GHz band products will be attained as soon as the ministry approves LTE operation in this band and establishes a certification process.

The Air4G product is a macro cell base station that enables operators to boost capacity and coverage in a LTE network, delivering broadband service to customers. Air4G is compliant of operating either LTE or Mobile Wimax, or running both platforms concurrently. This is a feature which allows current customers, who have deployed a mobile Wimax network, to transition to an LTE network with a software-only upgrade, mitigating the need for hardware replacement and new network management tools. This also enables customers wishing to deploy LTE in the 3.x band, to deploy a Wimax network, build a customer base, and migrate to LTE when approved by the Russian Ministry. Air4G supports a number of LTE features, including advanced antenna technologies, which support a network.

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