Afghan Wireless launches ILD offer

Afghanistan mobile operator Afghan Wireless has introduced an international calls offer. The operator has launched four packs, starting at AFN 50 for fourteen ILD minutes valid for two days and ranging to AFN 500 for 150 minutes valid for fifty days. The packs are valid for calls to ten countries: India, Canada, USA, China, Bangladesh, Germany landline, Singapore, UK landline, Bahamas, and Malaysia.

Call to 10 countries(India, Canada, USA, China, Bangladesh,  Germany Landline, Singapore, UK Landline, Bahamas, Malaysia) at 3.3 AFN per minute.

ILD packs can be subscribed through USSD as per the table given above and accordingly you will get the ILD minutes and the corresponding money will be deducted from your main mobile account balance.

Note:   More than one ILD bundle packs can be subscribed at a time and you can subscribe SMS bundle/Data bundle & ILD bundle together without losing any product benefits.

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