About Us

Central Asian Cellular Forum (CACF) was formed with the primary objective to support the development of Mobile Broadband Technologies in the region. While,  the   activities  of  the  forum  started  about a decade back  to  provide support  to  the  mobile community  in  Pakistan,  it  was  renamed  in  the later part  of  2007  and  was  also  registered  officially  with  the  Securities  and Exchange  Commission  of  Pakistan  as  “3G  Technologies  (Guarantee)  limited” and the footprint expanded to other countries including Afghanistan and CIS for facilitation of mobile broadband stakeholders.  This  category  of  registration  is  for  the  Not‐for‐Profit  organization  while  continuing  to  work  as  a  corporate  body  in  line  with  that  of  private  companies.  The forum is an active member of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) and has close association with international reputable organizations including Qualcomm Inc. USA, WWA University USA, Informa, ITU, GSMA etc.

The  countries  which  are  being  served  under  the  current scope  include  Pakistan and Central Asian Countries.  However consultancy services have been offered in other countries including Middle East, North and South Africa. The  scope  of  the  Forum  will  be  expanded  in  future  as  requirements  for  such  a  regional  forum  grow  further.


Central Asian Cellular Forum (www.3gca.org) is an industry forum that works with regional Governments, Telecom Regulators & Operators, Broadcasters, Manufacturers, Academia and the general public in the Central Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The rationale behind forums foundation is to create awareness and to facilitate promotion and development of mobile broadband technologies.

The major focus area of the forum is to impart mobile broadband technology training and support services in the region. It works closely with the Industry and has established a mobile Training & Resource Development Center that caters for the mobile broadband HR requirement for the entire region. Besides training programs CACF has also provided a wide range of network planning, optimization and audit services to leading mobile operators across the region. Further, CACF has extensive expertise in mobile devices and provide support services to stakeholders in the end user terminal domain.

CACF services are of immense use to government ICT ministries, operators, regulators, manufacturers and suppliers who are related to the process of setting up mobile broadband networks and services.