2Checkout launches mobile app for iPad

2Checkout, online payment processor for thousands of small business worldwide, has partnered with Inexika and announced today the launch of the new 2Checkout iPhone App, 2Checkout Mobile.

As part of 2Checkout’s innovation initiatives, which will include a series of upcoming mobile applications and web optimization improvements, 2Checkout sellers can now access their account from anywhere, anytime. 2Checkout Mobile will join a long list of bundled services that 2Checkout provides at no additional charge.

Tom Dailey, CEO of 2Checkout said

[quote]This iPhone App is yet another example of our ongoing mission to provide additional value to our customers. We have been impressed with Inexika’s development capabilities and attention to detail in the building of 2Checkout Mobile. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership on further mobile application development[/quote]

Manage your business on the go

2Checkout Mobile is designed for you to monitor your account details and manage your online business on the go. Now you can view sales, issue refunds and check payments on your mobile device.

Get quick updates in the palm of your hand.

Stay up-to-date on sales activity and how sales are trending on a weekly and monthly basis. You can view sale details, search for sales, and analyze sales charts with 2Checkout Mobile for your smartphone.

Discover patterns in your sales activity

View sales charts and recent activity on the iPad Dashboard that give you a visual insight into how your business is doing. Sales charts show sales by total for the day, sales for the day compared to average, and today’s sales relative to the last 7 days.


Advanced tools at your finger tips with the iPad App

[list style=”unordered” type=”type2″] Payments and Payday:You can review your payments using the slider tool to select the time frame. Analyze your payments history with the payments graph and count down to the next pay cycle!
Sales ManagementReview details for each sale, including line items, refunds, and recurring details. You can issue refunds and stop recurring as well.
Send InvoicesSend invoices to your customers with the Invoice tab on the iPad App. Add products, shipping, and even tax using the Invoicing feature.
[/list] https://i0.wp.com/3gca.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/36.png?resize=662%2C181

Interact with your customers

Comment on sales to keep your customers updated on orders. Send them a receipt or email to notify them of a change to an order. Communicating with your customer is now made easy with 2Checkout Mobile, providing you the tools to communicate with your customers even when you’re not at your computer.


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